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“The wider your base the sharper your peak" is programme design rule 101. Many people fall off their fitness efforts, get injured, get bored, sick, hit plateaus because they don’t have a structured plan. If you want to look better, move better and perform better then you need to follow a progressive plan that starts you at your level (a mild challenge) and builds your abilities gradually over time. Safely. This is what we do at DEF Elite fitness.

Our methods

Everyone is an elite athlete
We consider everyone (professional sport person, housewife, injured or unwell, stressed out executive, someone who wants greater well-being or wants to look good on the beach) who trains with us to be an elite athlete.
Elite athletes do the “ordinary, extraordinarily well” as they periodise their training to maintain a foundation of movement (Red/health, Restoration), develop strength and conditioning (Amber/fitness) and focus on specific abilities for peak performance (green/performance). This is how we structure our training programmes and progress you to new levels of health, fitness and performance.

Fitness training
The purpose of fitness training is to increase your ability to move, your physical capacity towards purposeful performance. How fast you progress depends on your physical condition (injured, sick, stressed out, ability), your ambition whether its to win a world championship or to cross the finish line with a smile on your dial, get into and stay in shape, and the circumstances that shape your life such as time available to commit to the plan and how consistent your are at sticking to it. What equipment you have available for your self training and indeed can you train by yourself or do you need a trainer and an appointment in the dairy?
Everything we teach you to do will have the by-product of toning up and losing weight. What we focus on however is “improving the way you move” with structured training plans that encourage, educate and empower you expand your range of active movement so that you enjoy regular and varied exercise.

ROAM Cycle and your movement profile.
Our unique Range Of Active Movement cycle provides a framework for assessment and progression. Every movement you do with us is an assessment of how you move, your capacity to keep moving and your resiliency to bounce back from that movement. We adjust our training programmes based on what we think is excellent technique. We measure, track and score up to 11 movement abilities and put them into your personal ROAM profile and present to you when you graduate each programme with us.

10 Lesson Kickstarter Programme Outline


  • 1 PT session: $800
  • 10-sessions package: $6000
  • - 10 sessions with Coach Kes, Rachel or Junior
  • - General Movement Assessment & Tailor-made Training


  • 10-sessions package: $8000
  • - 2 sessions with Head Coach Ross
  • - 8 sessions with Coach Kes, Rachel or Junior


  • 1 PT session: $1500
  • 10-sessions package: $10000
  • - 10 sessions with Head Coach Ross
  • - Clinical Assessment
  • - Post-Injury Rehabilitation and Reset

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We are located in the city center and it is easy to reach with any kind of public transport.

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13D, Central Mansion, 270-276 Queens Road Central, Hong Kong

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